ISTP 15 in Coventry

The 15th biennial conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP) will take place in Coventry in the United Kingdom from 26-30 June 2015. The conference theme is Resistance and Renewal; you can find the call for papers and other relevant information, and submit your abstract, on the conference website. The deadline for abstract submissions is 16 January 2015. With its wide range of invited themes and a number of innovative presentation formats, ISTP 15 promises to be a rewarding academic experience.

Theory & Psych

The journal Theory & Psychology

Incidentally, the 2015 conference will mark the 30th anniversary of the first ISTP conference in 1985, which likewise took place in the UK (in Plymouth). It has certainly been an eventful 30 years, and the society, through its conference series, its published proceedings and its journal (Theory & Psychology), has given (meta-)theoretical and philosophical reflection in psychology, and critical and historical reflection on psychology, not only some of its most vibrant and durable forums, but has added tremendously to the field’s momentum, coherence and visibility.

To peruse three decades’ worth of conference programmes and published proceedings today, is to see the most significant theoretical debates in and critiques of psychology emerge and sometimes disappear again; to see some of the most well-known names in theoretical and critical psychology establish themselves and make their impact; and significantly also to witness a growing internationalisation of theoretical debate in psychology, with more and more voices from outside the UK, USA and Europe being heard the last 15 years.

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4 Responses to ISTP 15 in Coventry

  1. desmondpainter says:

    My mistake! I assumed you were a man, engaging in a form of gendered ‘blackface’, shamelessly exploiting the stereotype of the ‘hysterical feminist’, and hiding behind a pseudonym, to shame me and that masculine monolith, the ISTP!! I assumed you had some personal axe to grind, which was really, really presumptions of me. I apologise for this and I apologise also for the facts and their rhetorical deployment by me. Those books should never have been published to begin with, so the fact (eish, that again…) that they are now finally available as free downloads makes no real difference to this and to the role they (and their colluding editors) have played in the economic and gendered status quo. I apologise! I am tabling this useful and frank exchange the next time the Men of the ISTP meet, and make powerful decisions. Thank you!

  2. youngturk says:

    Why are the proceedings of these conferences not freely available? It is so pathetic to see these old farts pontificate about critical, theoretical, political ways of doing psychology but feigning naivety when it comes to the knowledge politics of their own practice. Or maybe they really ARE naive? Please please please speak out about this to these guys. And while you’re at it also about the fact that they are mainly men but seem to think that that’s just normal, that’s just how things are. You know?

    • desmondpainter says:

      Are they still mainly men? In ISTP? Not so sure about that. I think the age and gender balance has shifted somewhat. Will do a headcount! Anyway, a lot of the new stuff is being done by young women; e.g. – and there are other initiatives like this.

      As for the proceedings: the ISTP recently bought the rights back from the publisher, and someone is preparing it all at the moment. It will be available for download, free of charge, pretty soon. It’s taking a bit of time because someone has to find the time to do it. I will reveal the web location here as soon as it happens.

      • youngturk says:

        Omg this is brilliant! Let’s put this irrational woman in her place by quoting the facts! Of course she should have known that the good ol ISTP chaps have all along been planning on making everything available for free soon, any day now. How could she not have known this? Typical. And how could she not know that women are really prominent in ISTP now, promise! It is only irrational women, who can’t be bothered to do a proper head-count (ha-ha) ,who would think otherwise. Really, the only way to deal with this kind of person is to confront them with the facts. No need to reflect on how ISTP has historically colluded with the economic and gender status quo. Or to apologise. Let’s rather just shame this emotional and deranged woman by confronting her with the facts. Ha-ha.

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